Weekly Holiday DIY Gift Guide


This holiday season with a lot of us still at home or on a budget.

One of the perfect gift giving ideas you can do is a DIY. Your very own liftable handmade gift

Online shopping can be tough right now with predictions from every news station saying Go get your Christmas shopping done right now. The estimated delivery delays are a killer and you may be stuck with last minute needs. Having some DIY essentials in your armory could save the day. As great and personal to give as they are to receive some of these ideas take only very basic skills.

You could be surprised at how you can upcycle a gift and make it special.

Check back here for weekly posts of some handmade ideas, tips and tricks you can do for your holiday gift giving.

If your not in the mood to make it yourself and still want something handmade, please check out the great handmade products we have here Made Legacy x Handmade DB.

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