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Made Legacy shop is where you go for your fitness apparel, at-home equipment and health coaching needs. This shop is a reminder of the greatness that is you. put it on and channel it in your motivation.

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Handmade by DB Shop find handmade Bonnets, Scrunchies, Conditioning Caps, and edge bands. the health of your hair is a great sign of overall health. Get some products made with love to take care of it.


create your own

Create your own is the heart behind the Made Legacy x Handmade DB Brand.
It is a call to make
your own legacy. 
The standard is yours to decipher, make it mean something to you and have that be what matters.



Amanda C.

I love my bonnet. point blank. Period.

Candace M.

I love my custom bonnets, now only are they stylist to wear outside to take care of your errands but they're cute to wear around the house. The soft textures are great

Cynthia J.

They are so comfortable and for the winter time I don't do my hair like that so this is my go to. The quality on it is great.

Denise W.

Please do not stop making these and keep the great quality! This bonnet is absolutely amazing!! It is so silky and thick! makes me wonder why I ever bought the cheap beauty store ones. My hair deserves better

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